February Trip to Tombstone, AZ

We took a trip to Tombstone, Arizona again to do a couple of investigations and connect with some potential collaborative interests. It was cold, so cold! The temperature dropped to around 4 degrees Fahrenheit. We didn’t arrive until early evening, but we started with a truly great investigation. See more about the investigation at Tombstone AZ investigation recap.

This trip was jam packed with meetings, tours, and of course the investigation. After the investigation, we met with some local people to learn more about the history of the town and the people there. Yes, it was a late night!

The next day we had breakfast with a couple of long-time residents of Tombstone, who told us a number of stories about the town and talked about a number of different locations we might be interested in researching. Our breakfast left our stomachs full of pancakes and our heads full of possibilities.

We continued our meetings and discussions with several business owners and some of Tombstone’s movers and shakers, all of whom really rolled out the welcome wagon for us. This is a town of terrific folks, proud of the history and heritage of Tombstone - and of their ghosts!

Before pointing our wagons north back to Phoenix, we met with Joshua and Melissa from Tombstone Paranormal Investigations. It is always great to be able to meet with other groups and forge friendships to help advance the field of Paranormal Investigation and Paranormal Research. They agreed that groups have to work together more, share information more, and learn from each other. We hope to be able to accomplish quite a bit working with this group and other groups from around Arizona, and around the country. Thanks Josh and Melissa for taking the time to come and visit with us!

After meeting the guys from TPI, we moseyed back to Phoenix, holding our board meeting in the car. We try to utilize every second of the day, and this trip was no exception. This may have been our most productive Tombstone trip to date. Thanks to the hospitality of the folks there, we have quite a few investigations ideas!

We can’t wait to get back to see our friends in Tombstone.