The Beginning of the Sensor Array

I started with not much more than an idea to create a Sensor Array to help us focus on what can be measured during paranormal investigations.

I am not sure what this sensor array will truly be in the end, but I created this blog to chronicle my adventures and hopefully allow others to follow what I am doing. (And be able to help and/or comment on my progress!)

The idea of a sensor array is a simple one; a device using many different sensors to log as much data as possible about the environment during a paranormal investigation. We intend to use this data to hopefully find patterns at these active paranormal locations, and determine if there are any patterns of environmental changes occurring when someone reports a personal paranormal experience. We hope to learn more about why these experiences happen and continue to advance the field of paranormal research.

To learn more about what I am doing here, please follow this blog - and feel free to let me know your thoughts!