Private Residence Investigation – Gilbert, AZ

We finished a paranormal investigation at a private residence in Gilbert, Arizona, on the night of December 3rd, 2010.

The investigation team was kept to four paranormal researchers due to the size of the residence and area of the claims, which were only in the central corridor of the home.

Claims were the sound of walking down the central hallway, loud banging noises in the dining room, very upset dogs, and heavy uneasy feelings in one of the rooms just off the hallway. The investigation was conducted at night and was kept short to accomodate family members of the client.

The investigation went very well. We discussed with the client that we research claims of the paranormal, we can not perform any clearings or removal of spirits or other entities.

In reviewing the evidence, we found no abnormal audio or video. The client was relieved we were unable to find anything. We informed them we would be interested in returning, and we have been invited back. We would probably save doing another investigation for if and when the client begins to feel uneasy in the space again or needs our assistance in some way.

Pending approval of the client, the investigation report may be made available at a future date.