Private Business Investigation – Tombstone, AZ

We returned to Tombstone, Arizona for some more paranormal and historical research of the area. It got down to around 4 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a temperature that is hard for most of us desert dwellers from the Phoenix area to wrap our heads around. All I can say is, it was cold - so very, very cold.

This trip was jam-packed with meetings and tours, and the investigation. After arriving in the evening, we dove right in to a really good hunt. There were three of us paranormal researchers and two guest researchers. The location was a well known and well-storied, reportedly haunted private business.

We really had a blast. The client was amazing and extremely gracious. Between the deep cold and the age of the building, there was creaking and popping all around us. As is so often the case, it was difficult to distinguish what was expansion/contractions noise from the temperature changes, from any paranormal activity.

The number and variety of claims in this location are so vast, it isn’t practical to try and catalog them all here. The claims are all over the boards - from whispering in your ear to feelings of being touched, to many different people seeing full body apparitions. We hope to be able to sit down and organize the types, numbers, and time lines of the variety of claims with the client one day. This was truly a great investigation that all of the researchers were excited about. Read more about our trip to Tombstone! Visit the February Tombstone Trip Post.

We have yet to finish reviewing all of the data we collected. We plan to complete the review very soon, watch here for updates on this exciting investigation.