Our Philosophy

Here at Dark Cliff we have a specific philosophy on Investigation equipment and investigation techniques.

  • We believe that to research fields like the paranormal we have to address the basics first and focus on the raw data.
  • Only by using scientifically calibrated instruments to objectively gather data for analysis can any evidence be quantified.
  • Since the research of the paranormal is not yet viewed as a hard science, we must use instruments gathered from other known sciences to keep our data objective and understandable.
  • Using devices that “interpret” the raw data we capture (such as instruments which generate some output other than raw data) can skew our evidence and greatly change our perceptions of these events.

This limits our use of certain “purpose-built” equipment available today to the paranormal investigator. But an instrument can only measure what it can measure and nothing else. This sort of research could be severely crippled by using equipment in which the output cannot be measured against known quantities, as it defeats our purpose and does not allow research of the paranormal in a methodical and objective way.

This is not to say we do not conduct “traditional” investigations, standing in a dark room with audio and video recorders, asking questions and trying to gather evidence. It is during these investigations many have claims of paranormal experiences. We are attempting to add more calibrated instrumentation from peer-reviewed fields to these situations, to see what can be measured when these experiences occur. Ideally, our instrumentation would remain on site for a period of time, allowing the client to note when anything out of the ordinary occurs again and permitting us to examine any data recorded during those times. There are too many theories and not enough data.

Our Doctrine

The field of paranormal investigation/research is not currently recognized as field of scientific study. We hope that by measuring as much objective data as possible related to these paranormal experiences and presenting that data to relevant scientific communities, we will encourage scientific study of these occurrences and acceptance of this field of study by the scientific community. With this in mind we must stay along a very narrow path of research techniques that would pass basic scientific litmus tests for unbiased research. This means that certain types of equipment or specific individuals with some bias can not be used to further our research. Among those things we are avoiding are:

  • Equipment which was built specifically for paranormal investigations.
    • Most of this equipment was not developed though peer review and is unable to be calibrated to some known measurement.
    • Also some equipment unable to give data points to reference or does not produce reliable data.
  • Those individuals who rely on “extra sensory perception” or who label themselves as
    • Psychics
    • Mediums
    • Sensitives
  • Those purporting to be able to
    • Speak with the dead
    • Channel spirits or aliens
    • Communicate telepathically
    • Predict the future
    • And so on

Because of the controversial nature of these people and their claims, Dark Cliff would prefer not to have their claims in support of our research. Until such time as we are able to measure and record the special ability for study by the scientific community and therefore ensure the reliability of the source, and without passing judgment on the legitimacy of their claims, we respectfully decline their assistance.

Our Goals

 The goals of Dark Cliff are to investigate, gather data on, and document the paranormal. Our means to achieving this goal include:

  • Gathering calibrated instruments measuring known variables and recording what they detect
  • Providing that data to the scientific community and to the public
  • Sharing data, methodologies, and ideas with other paranormal investigation groups

Our ideas and our beliefs are not the only ones out there. We do not claim our beliefs are superior over anyone else’s. However, for the sake of clarity and continuity, by becoming a member of Dark Cliff you agree to those beliefs, to promote those beliefs when in public, and to abide by the membership handbook.

Applications for membership are reviewed on an as-available basis. You might not hear from us, but we will keep your application on file for some time. If something changes, there’s no need to re apply – just email us the changes and we’ll put them in your file.