Paranormal Sensor Array

Long before Dark Cliff existed, Shaun had an idea – create an array of many different sensors to log all of the data during an investigation. The thought was if one logs as much information as possible, then it could be reviewed in conjunction with what was being reported during that investigation. Investigators could start comparing this data to personal paranormal experiences reported at the same time, and correlate patterns during those experiences.

Suppose that through the data of numerous investigations, a pattern emerged that the electromagnetic fields always seemed to increase and the temperature drop at least one full degree whenever an investigator felt as if someone was watching them. It could help determine what variables should be looked at to better examine, define, and possibly even predict the paranormal.

The idea of data collection and analysis is the central goal of Dark Cliff, and to be able to focus on this goal we have decided to develop the sensor array of Shaun’s long-ago dreams. Through focus on our members and public involvement in our events, we will further this goal.

This blog is an account of what Shaun is working on as he develops his sensor array for Dark Cliff - and hopefully other paranormal investigation teams as well! If we can work together, despite differences of opinion or ideals, towards the common goal of gathering as much data as possible, anything is possible – even finding the truth about the paranormal!