Ghost Hunting Preview Event Recap

Last Friday we had our Ghost Hunting Preview Event at the Gilbert Historical Museum.

The event went great and we had a wonderful turnout.

The idea behind the event was to let our guest do a little ghost hunting in a great location, and everything was very successful.

After the event our guests filled out a survey to help Dark Cliff figure out what we did well and what we need to improve on.

Kris is currently going through all of the surveys and compiling the results but tentatively I can say that most of our gust had a great time and we have received quite a few emails from happy guests since the event.

We are working on posting the raw video from the event here ASAP and then we can start the review process.

Here is the full audio and video from the event.

The Basement Audio:
The Basement – Session 1 Audio
The Basement – Session 2 Audio
The Basement – Session 3 Audio

The Basement Video:
The Basement – Session 1 Video
The Basement – Session 2 Video
The Basement – Session 3 Video

The Town Room Audio:
The Town room audio was un-usable due to equipment malfunction.

The Town Room Video:
Town Room – Session 1 Video
Town Room – Session 2 Video
Town Room – Session 3 Video

The Family Room Audio:
Family Room – Session 1 Audio
Family Room – Session 2 Audio
Family Room – Session 3 Audio

The Family Room Video:
Family Room – Session 1 Video
Family Room – Session 2 Video
Family Room – Session 3 Video

We are looking into another public event sometime in October  and have a great members only event scheuled in a few weeks.

If you are interested in becoming a member and going on our more private investigations please fill out our membership application form on the contact page.