Halloween Event at Gangplank

We had a terrific time on the ghost hunting tour for kids at the Halloween Event “Ghoulplank”, at Gangplank in Chandler, AZ.  One of their new buildings is a downtown Chandler historic building, which used to be a butcher and a meat locker. It was also a church at one time, but it’s been closed up for quite a while. In one part of the building there are still places where meat hung, visible above the drop ceiling.

It was great experience for the kids and adults alike. The event was free to all, so we kept very busy with multiple sessions during the evening. A number of the guests even decided to come sit with us more than once!

We had a blast, and we hope to see you there next year! (Read more about the event at the Gangplank HQ website)

A description of Gangplank from their website:

Gangplank is a group of connected individuals and small businesses creating an economy of innovation and creativity in the Valley. We envision a new economic engine comprised of collaboration and community, where industries come together to transform our culture.