Electromagnetic Fields and the KII

After an interesting (and – pun intended – educational!) weekend at Noftsger Hill Inn B&B (a converted school building), I decided to look into our data gathering methods a little. When it comes to electromagnetic fields (commonly referred to as “EMFs” in the paranormal investigation field), perhaps the most popular and identifiable piece of equipment everyone wants to include in their arsenal is the KII meter (or KII Deluxe for those who prefer not to have to “lock” the unit on with a coin or something else). Dark Cliff has decided we are not going to use the KII at this time. We do not fault others who are using it: however, we feel its well documented limitations steer us towards other equipment.

This YouTube video (not produced by us!) demonstrates some of the limitations we have been told the KII has when compared to the model of meter we currently use to determine single-axis areas of increased A/C electromagnetic fields. We also have a “tri-field meter”, which measures different types of electromagnetic fields. (We call it the “squealer” because of the unique noise it makes when it measures an increase.)

We hope you find this discussion informative and look forward to hearing about the experiences of others! -DarkCliff