Thank you for your interest in Dark Cliff!

Dark Cliff is dedicated to the methodical investigation and exploration of paranormal phenomena through the use of calibrated scientific measuring equipment. We also love learning about the history and lore surrounding the places we visit!

Our members are our focus. We pride ourselves on paying attention to the needs of our members as well as those just curious what all this is about. To that end, we conduct “Ghost Hunting” events around our area, educating people about what we do and giving them an opportunity to actually participate in the hunt!

Our members come from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and beliefs. But as a group we are dedicated to serving our members (and the public!) by providing them with information and insight from long term collaborative relationships, a great social atmosphere, investigations, historical research, and contacts with professionals from as many related disciplines as possible.

We do not charge our clients to visit or investigate a site, and we believe repeating investigations of a single location at different times will prove much more valuable and insightful than a single snapshot-type investigation.

For more info or to join as a member, visit our Contact page.
We look forward to hearing from you.